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Hey guys!!! Today I am BEYOND excited to share with you a little glimpse into the wonderful world of Lucie Fink! I remember one morning, checking the Refinery 29 snapchat story as I do every morning, and seeing this shining, smiling face talking about self love, one of my favorite things, I knew I wanted to know more.

I headed to Instagram where I proceeded to throughly, for lack of better words, stalk her and totally fall in love with all things Lucie!! Lucie is one of the the cutest, coolest, bundles of fun in all of New York City. She's inspirational, talented and an all around star.

OKAY enough praising (can you ever really get enough though? probably not) I reached out to Lucie while I was in NYC this past week to do an interview, and although we weren't able to meet up in person, she did take the time to e-answer all my questions, which is pretty much the next best thing, right?! Right. SO, let's get into it!
Olivia: Tell me a little bit about yourself, anything! Where you're from, random facts, favorite color, favorite animal, food, season, you name it! Just give some background as to who you are.
Lucie: My name is Lucie Fink and I am a Video Producer and Lifestyle Host at Refinery. I'm currently 25 years old,  have a twin sister and an older brother, and I love pizza, flamingos, the beach and a good book.

OR: How did you get started with Refinery29?
LF: I got started at Refinery29 by continuing to create contently (mainly stop motion videos and other artistic content) on my personal Instagram account. Refinery29 liked what I was doing, so they hired me to create video content for them. I also had a video reel showing what I was like on camera (clips from my college video series, The Today Show and more), so they knew they wanted to develop me as an on-air talent.
OR: You have a YouTube shoe called "Try Living with Lucie" can you tell me a little bit about that? What inspired you to start exploring so many new things?
LF: I created the concept for TLWL when I was in college. I was thinking of a format for a video series- something that would NEVER run out of new ideas. Try Living with Lucie was perfect because you can never run out of 5-day challenges; there's always going to be something new to experiment with. I have tried more new things in the past could of years (since I started the series) than my entire 23 years of life beforehand. 

OR: What has been your favorite week of TLWL? And if any, what has stuck with you, anything that you've learned how to do TLWL, that you've since then carried with you to your everyday life?
LF: My favorite episode to-date is 5 Days of Facing my Fears. That episode scared me the most of anything else I had shot, and I truly got over my fears (particularly of spiders) after we wrapped. A ton of takeaways from other episodes have stuck with me, as well. For instance, I now drink SO MUCH water after 5 days of Hydration, and 5 Days of Yoga introduced me to the entire world of yoga, which is now such a huge part of my workout routine. 
OR: What is your favorite video you've ever made?
LF: Try Living with Lucie, 5 Days of Street Performing, is one of my favorite videos EVER. It wasn't the best performer on YouTube compared to the other episodes of TLWL (in terms of views or traction), but I had the most fun filming it and was so proud of myself for getting out there. 

OR: You are a radiant spark of energy and life, and from the looks of it, you're living your best life! Can you give some tips on how you stay happy and how to love life?
LF: Spend time with people you care about... people who treat you well. Try your best to remember that life is ONLY about enjoying yourself and having fun. Ever when you're stressed out, remember that what really matters (above all else) is being happy. And you, alone, have the power to make yourself happy.
OR: As an influencer with a predominantly young female audience, do you have any advice for a girl growing up wanting to pursue her dreams? 
LF: Do what you love. don't copy other people, just allow yourself to be inspired by their energy. Create content that makes you feel fulfilled and don't let anyone tell you it's not good. 

OR: What is in the future for Lucie B Fink? 
LF: I am hoping to continue creating content for young women all over the world. I don't know what platform I'll end up on one day, but I hope it's FULLY 360, permeating the world of network & digital, so that everyone has a little access to Lucie :) 

So that wraps it up for the interview!! I hope y'all enjoyed :) 
Thank you so so much to Lucie for taking the time to answer these questions. 
Be sure to give her a follow and check out her videos!!

xo, O 


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