New York, NY, USA


Hey Hey Hey!! Today I'm sharing with you my last full day in the city!! So so so sad I know </3
I really with I could stay forever, BUT! Other things await me at home, other trips and other adventures.
Day five started off strong with some delectable waffles with Rosie at a cute french resturant called Momette!
We then decided to go to Dumbo where we road the carousel, because, why not. We got our nails done, walked around a bit and just enjoyed the beautiful day!
Later that day I got together with one of my friends from SCAD, Noah. He's actually from Brooklyn, so he showed me around a little bit too! We ate cookies the size of our faces, and talked about ~*life*~ Unfortunately, Noah isn't returning to SCAD, which I'm super bummed about, but glad I was able to catch up with him before I went back for sure.
I finished off the night spent with one of my besties Elizabeth! She goes to Manhattan College, so naturally we had to get together. I always LOVE time spent with Elizabeth, she truly is a gem. We shared (aka i finished her) avocado toast at an overpriced, yet v cute spot called While We're Young, and then more of the same at a very cool dessert spot called New Territories. Would recommend both of those places to anyone visiting :)


Overall the week was incredible! I wish I could stay longer, heck I wish I could live in the city! One day... until then :) xo, O


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