Happy Happy Tuesday! You know what that means here in the blogosphere right?? Ten Things Tuesday!! Yahoo! This is a somewhat mixed bag of things, but all things I'm loving this week. Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

1. Starting off with this beautiful braid tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, I wish my hair were long enough to do a style like this.
2. This DRESS! I love all of the beautiful colors! And anything this flowy and bright is perfect for summer.
3. BADDIE WINKLE. Honestly, need I say more? She's an inspiration, yeah she may be crass, and yeah she may wear clothes way out of my high schools dress code, but HEY she is eighty eight, living her life to the fullest, and she's way cooler than I am! Grandma goals!!

 4. For all the lovers of nutella, and for all the popsicle lovers, this summer sweet treat is for you!
5. If you're anything like me, when it comes to planning a trip the MOST important thing is making sure there are good restaurants to go to. Food is such an important and key way of learning about a new culture, this guide gives the top food cities in the world!! Seeing Hong Kong as #1 got me super excited for Hong Kong in the spring :))

6. Recently, I've been really into watching photography videos, Mango Street just made this one about how to shoot like Brandon Woelfel, pretty cool, pretty cool.
7. During my time of being sick, I for no reason made another Instagram account called @olivepink_ it's basically all things pretty and pink, peachy, and blush. Just a place with daily inspo in the best color ever. Sort of pointless, highly followable ;)
8. I've loved the artist Bodil Jane. She's an illustrator, and then makes things like, posters, cards, iphone cases, scarves, and more. Her style is so adorable, check her out!
9. As you know I love Pretty Little Liars, which unfortunatly is now over :( HOWEVER I will always continue to love and support all the liars, Troian Bellisario (my fave liar tbh) especially. Troian wrote and stared in a movie that came out YESTERDAY, and I'm SOO excited to watch it. I know this is SO illegal, but I have a link to view it for free! I'll only keep this link up for a few days just cause I don't want anything weird to happen, I don't know, but catch it while you can!!!

10. I LOVE Lucie Fink. She's the quirky video producer, and social media goddess at Refinery 29. She has a bit called "Living With Lucie" where she tries out different things making her life all the more interesting, she's adorable and entertaining for sure, give her a follow!!

Alrighty, that's all for these ten things! I hope you all enjoy! I'm off to go watch Feed! Have a great week xo, O


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