Happy Tuesday! I'll be honest I love Tuesday, almost as much as I love Monday! In the summer everyday is the weekend, where Monday means a new week, and Friday just means time is flying by and this week is over. Therefor, I like Tuesdays because it's still early in the week, also I'm not working sooo hehehee..... BUT! Regardless, Tuesdays are always great because that means Ten Things Tuesday, so let's get into that...

1. Starting off with a new spotlight blogger! I discovered Amber's blog though the Beehive Babes insta, and she is SOO COOL! I love all of her outfits, her style is amazing, and her photos are always fantastic. Girl knows what's up in the blogging world.
2. TOTALLY not getting married anytime soon, but still looking at wedding dresses. How can I not?They're all amazing. Especially this one. While I'm not super traditional, I'm a white dress kind of gal, but stilllll how beautiful is this dress?!
3. My good friend from school Bri has a fashion blog, Style Me Bri, that actually just turned one!! Go check it out and help her celebrate by givin it a follow :)

4. Ally actually shared this one with me. It's a bathroom reno and I'm in LOVE! Add a few more pops of color and I'd move in in an instant. Is it weird to buy a house just for the bathroom? Probably. Thanks Ally :)
5. If I could afford to be and had the room I would 100% be a crazy plant lady. I'm a proud owner of a few cacti and succulents, but I dream of the day when I can come home to this many big plant babies. This post gives some tips on caring for them.

6. If you know me you probably know I love NPR. I'm not a huge radio gal, so typically when I'm driving I'll be listening to it. Gotta love me some Dan Roberts and Melissa Block, am I right or am I right...??? SO naturally I binge watch Tiny Desk Concerts, so when I heard Violents did one I was all over it. Check it out!
7. Lana's. New. Album. enough said? enough said.

8. I love a good flower crown, but making a real one can be tough, and buying a real one can be expensive... I love this DIY paper flower crown from The House That Lars Built.
9. I don't know why, but lately I've been craving chocolate lava cakes. I'm doing my best not to order one from Domino's, don't hate y'all they are SO good, but it's hard. In the meantime before I cave and just buy one, here is a recipe if you aren't lazy like me and actually want to make one!
10. Last but not least, as you know it's almost back to school season, so of COURSE it's about time to think about school supplies, or if you're not in school, just life supplies!! I had a Ban.do agenda this past year and am LOVING their newest designs, thinking about getting this one for myself for this year. 

And that's a wrap!! I hope you guys like these things just as much as I do! Have a happy, wonderful, beautiful week :) xo, O


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