Hello Hello and Happy Fourth of July Eve! Every year for the last ten years I have spent the 4th at camp, however, this year I'm going to be spending it here, soaking up the sun in good ol' RVA. Honestly our plans are rough, but for whatever may happen tomorrow, I'm excited :) Hopefully I'll see at least some fireworks somewhere. Anyway, today I'm sharing with you the worlds easiest way to cool down from the heat this summer, ICE CREAM! And better yet, ICE CREAM SANDWICHES! I love ice cream sandwiches, it's actually my preferred mode of ice cream transportation from plate to mouth. Preparing them is pretty self explanatory, but I'll walk you through it regardless...
FIRST: bake cookies, any kind of cookie, preferably chocolate chip
SECOND: allow cookies to COMPLETELY cool, and put ice cream of your choice, preferably vanilla, on one cookie. Put second cookie on top of that cookie, creating a sandwich
 THIRD: sprinkle sprinkles along ice cream edges for festive fun times
FOURTH: enjoy.

ANDDDD that's it! Easy as pie, or should I say, easy as ice cream sandwiches... I should be a comedian, oh man. I hope you stay cool on your happy happy holiday, have so much fun and stay safe! xo, O


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