Hey guys! Happy Tuesday, you know what that means right? Ten things! Okay but this week I'm here to mix it up a little, instead of showing you ten things I'm currently loving, I'm sharing with you ten facts about me! So let's get started!

1. I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. No joke, I'm obsessed, I'm actually writing this during the commercials of the A-List Wrap Party after the series finale. If ANYONE wants to talk about PLL please feel free to contact me at allthoselittlethings66@gmail.com
2. As of today, I'm a proud owner of a heart eyes emoji fidget spinner. Yes, I'm ashamed, and yes, I am addicted. I've never obtained to much swag in my life.
3. As far as food goes, I've been vegetarian for five years, I love carbs, hate carbonated drinks, and no matter how full I am if you offer me dessert the answer is most likely 100% yes. My sweet tooth is unREAL y'all

4. Speaking of sweet tooths, if I had to add them up I've probably had somewhere around 20 cavities, no joke. It's not like I don't brush my teeth I just eat NOTHING but sweets

5. I love celebrations, I like to celebrate all holidays, you name the holiday and I've probably had some kind of party or brunch for it. Even the little ones y'all, I love a good excuse for celebration.

6. If I could pack up a bag, jump on a plane and go anywhere right now it would be Greece. I know it's super popular right now, but everything about it looks so dreamy, like Mykonos, and Santorini, I want to do it all y'all.

7. My first email was liviestar@yahoo.com, I would use this email to send pictures of bunnies and e-cards to my grandma, also email all my boyfriends and 5th grade hotties.

8. I'm the newest employee at our local chipotle, want a burrito half off? Sorry, probably can't give you that, but I will ring you up for full price for sure ;)

9. I am easily startled, the amounts of times I would be going back to my dorm and the elevator door would open and I would literally skreetch and jump because someone was innocently waiting for the elevator was too many to count.
10. My senior year day of opening night of Almost, Maine I threw out my neck literally leaning forward to get a better look at myself in the mirror and I had to wear a neck and back brace on stage. It was REALLY embarrassing, eh you live and you learn, don't look at yourself in the mirror kids, you'll break your neck.

Alright you guys, that's all! Hopefully you learned something new, if not, you know me FAR too well, stop stalking me you weirdos. Until tomorrow... xoxo, O


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