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Hey hey everybody! Happy Tuesday, I hope everyones week is off to a fantastic start, it's been busy for sure, but mine definitely is :) It's been a while since I've shared my ten links, but I feel like this is a good collection of links, so it makes up for the missed weeks... maybe, I'll let y'all be the judge of that. On that note let's get into it! Starting with:

THIS jumpsuit from Free People is perfection. I first saw it on Aspyn Ovard in one of her vlogs and fell in love. It's so loose and summery, the perfect beach coverup.
Gingham is still in and in full force now that summer is here, hey, I'm not complaining, I love it. If I could have all the gingham in the world I would, let's start off that collection with this dress from J. Crew
Side open suits have been very trendy this season, I want to try one out, but I'm nervous that when swimming you get hit with a wave and everything flies out everywhere! The fear is real, BUT with this suit from Arie I feel like the high neckline will prevent that from happening. Also, the pattern is also stellar...
It's been forever and a day since I went on Lauren Conrad's website, but when I recently did I saw this manicure and fell in love again, why haven't I been following along all these years!?

Only one recipe this week, but holy COW HOW DELISH DOES THIS CAULIFLOWER LOOK!? Yes, the all caps was totally necessary. I fell in love with cauliflower this past year at school and man oh man, if I liked our cafeteria's cauliflower, than I'm SURE this would blow me out of the water, MUST try sometime soon.

This house tour is all I could ever imagine for the perfect dream home. So much color and so many plants and magic and love and AH! I'm obsessed, is it cool if I totally, one hundred percent copy your house? kk. thx.
I've always wanted to go to the desert, and just HOW magical would it be to stay in this Airbnb?! If you scroll through the photos you'll see that Vogue shot Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift for their cover shoot here, and Alexis Ren and Jay Alveres were somehow there too, seems to me it's the place to be when in the desert. So grab your closest friends and let's make a girls weekend out of it, k? great.
This one is somewhat travel and food combined. I stumbled across this post about the most Instagrammable restaurant in San Francisco. I was struck by the pink tables, I gotta go, I mean come on, they're PINK! *buys plane ticket to San Fran just for one pink table*

Okay okay so I feel pretty cool saying that I actually KNOW this guy. Samuel Richardson is a friend of mine who is the most stellar photographer I know, and I know a lot of photographers (heh heh *brushes swag off shoulders* ((I can't believe I just said that))) But for real guys, his photos are all composed in a way that is so simple yet perfect, each one is thought out and sooooo aesthetically pleasing. Seriously give him a follow, you won't regret.
Lastly, I've been watching a lot of photography YouTube videos lately and really dig this series. Four photographers get together and photograph the same model, and in under three minutes are challenged to compose the perfect shot. It's so cool to see how different everyones styles are. I dig it. Also I on SUCH impulse bought a prism yesterday, it's featured in the video, and I thought it was cool and said, "WHAT THE HECK IT'S 5 AM MAY AS WELL BUY MYSELF A PRISM". Yeah, so we'll see what comes of that....

ALRIGHTY! And that's all for today folks :) I hope you enjoyed my ten things this week, tune in this time every week for more linkskies! Have a fantastic day! xo, O


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