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Hello Everyone! Happy Thursday :) I'm excited to share with you my latest collab with Warby Parker! I put together three looks with sunglasses and regular eyeglasses. I've worked with them in the past and they are absolutely the best! It was about a year ago, and for back to school style, this time it's all about summer style! And happy second day of Summer by the way :) What's your favorite thing about summer?
LOOK ONE: Sunglasses- Warby Parker // top + belt (scarf) similar- Forever 21 // necklace- LouLou

For this first look I went for an easy bohemian meets tropical vibe. You can't really see here from these photos since I was trying to just show off the glasses, but with the flowy pants and crop top it gave it a tropical vibe, also the big plant in the background helped haha. Typically I find that I prefer round glasses for my face shape, BUT when I was picking these out I decided to get a little ~*crazy*~ and try something new. I really actually love the oversized boxy frames for my face shape! I feel like they totally accentuate my jaw which I like. What shape works best for you?
LOOK TWO: glasses- Warby Parker // top- Banana Republic // pants- Zara // necklace- LouLou

I love love love this outfit. It was actually completely built off of the bandana y'all. The other day I was wearing this bandana around my neck, as I typically do, and as the day went on I took it off and then was just messing around and put it in my hair, just without thinking, and then Ally was like, "hey that's actually kinda cute". I didn't agree, but then I did my hair and it grew on me! So yeah, not a super exciting story, but I did style this outfit off of the bandana and not the glasses, just me mixing things up, ya know?

I do love these glasses too though, they're perfect. I love how thick the frames are. They actually look similar to the pair I used to wear when I used to actually need glasses, I don't know what happened where I didn't anymore, but yeah I used to wear glasses for real. Fun fact!
Ally always makes me laugh when we are taking photos hehehe
LOOK THREE: glasses- Warby Parker // dress- Willie Smith // bag- forever 21

This last look is a bit preppier, but I seriously LOVE it. I've had this dress for god knows how long and have only worn it once! And I wore a SWEATER over it! Outrageous. It's FAR too cute to hide. Seriously though, this outfit is so *on trend* for this summer, I've got the straw hat, and the green, and that round bag. Apparently millennial pink is sooooo 2016 (even though it like juuust blew up) and GREEN is the next big thing! Is it just me or does anyone else find it sort of funny when colors are the "next big thing!" like, y'all.... they are colors, we see them everyday, like what? I don't know, I just find that funny.

On to these glasses though... I know what you're thinking, "Olivia, you already own SO MANY clear-framed sunnies, why do you need another pair?" and my only answer to that is, "why not?"
Seriously guys, you really can never have too many clear-framed sunnies, they are just the best! Not only do they go with everything and anything, but they are just so crisp and sharp, gosh I just love them. Please, if you think you have too many, first of all, you don't, but second of all, just send them my way, I'm accepting any and all clear-framed sunnies.
And that's it! What do y'all think? Tempted to go get some Warby Parkers of your own?? Good news is, if you aren't sure on what to get, or can't decide between a pair, you can order up to five pairs for an at home try on! That way you can try them on in real life, and ship them back free of charge. And it doesn't even cost a cent to get them!! 10/10 would recommend.

See y'all tomorrow! xoxo, O


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