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Hey everyone! I know it's been a while, but hey! I'm here, back and actually better than ever, but more on that later... It's finally summer which means it's time for summer style! Today I'm sharing with you three on trend summer looks that are SUPER cute, affordable, and ALL from the online store, Tobi! All these photos were shot by my amazingly talented friend Rachel Proctor.
I am in LOVE with the way this dress looks. When I saw it online I was so excited to get my hands on it, wear it out and show it off. But let me tell you, and I'm being completely honest, this dress is NOT what I expected. Size DOWN people because it was way too huge on me, the sleeves detach, which means they then just fall off and like... what? Why? The fabric is also weird... yeah I was pretty disappointed, realistically I will never wear this dress, which is a bummer because it is seriously so cute! But it just being so big and the whole sleeve ordeal, it is just impractical. REGARDLESS, it's super cute, if you think you can work it, y'all go for it, it's adorable. 
Alright, now on a lighter note, I love this dress, for real. It's backless, flowy, button up, AND best part: IT HAS POCKETS! Honest tooooooooo God people, WHAT is better than a dress with pockets?! Seriously, nothing. Don't even try to change my mind, it's pockets, pockets all the way, all day, every day. Aside from the dress being a little short (I'm also just tall) it's great.
Lastly, this top. This ruffley, fluttery, strappy little crop top is ooooooh so cute. However, it may work on someone with a little less boob, just because if any gust of wind comes by, your titty gon be OUT, girl. I'm not super chesty, but this was a struggle shooting on this windy day. Anyway, I do really like this top, it's trendy, it's girly and super simply cute, and totally affordable! Go check it out gals :)
That's all for today folks! Hopefully I'll be back to you tomorrow with my regularly scheduled programing... So until then!

Be sure to check out Tobi! Happy shopping :)  xo, O


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