Richmond, VA, USA


Dress- American Apparel // hat- thrifted

Hello and happy weekend! This week if anything has just been one huge discouraging bundle of stress. I'm currently job hunting, I've so far applied to twenty-six places and either haven't heard back or have been rejected from I've spent the last two and a half hours sitting in the corner of Starbucks applying to too many jobs that have online applications and struggling to find somewhere that I haven't applied to yet... If you have any suggestions or connections in RVA, PLEASE hit a sister up, I need help.

Anyway, to ease the stress however, I have been going on many fun adventures. Including spending the time I wasn't applying to jobs today at the quarry with Isabelle and Ally, and a few days ago at the river with Nate. They're little, local adventures, but adventures none the less. Honestly, that's what summer is all about; spending time with those you love and who love you relaxing and having a good time, no matter where you are, making the best of it.

So on that note, I urge you to do exactly that. Plan yourself a staycation and make the best of what you have around you, and ALWAYS surround yourself with good people.

See you tomorrow with a video! xoxo, O


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