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BFFS IN SAVANNAH ft. a lil rant

As most everyone and anyone on social media knows, the other day was National Best Friend Day. It's been FORRRREVER since Ally and I have gotten any good photos taken together, so when she came to visit me in Savannah I knew I had to get one of my many talented photographer friends to shoot us, so a HUGE thank you to Taylor Wedding for taking these :) They sort of look like engagement shots, but HEY that's totally okay with me, Ally is basically my soulmate, so you know... it's whatevers. I don't miss the Savannah humidity and the work that comes with going to SCAD, but I do miss all the beautiful streets and spots to take photos that's for sure.

I know I said in my last post that tomorrow, being a few days ago, that I'd be back to my "regularly scheduled programing", as in posts everyday, but for whatever reason it's been somewhat hard getting back into the groove of blogging. I still love photoshoots, editing photos and writing, I do, but since finals, and being home, and just not blogging for a while, I've realized that blogging is SUCH a big deal. Getting my makeup all done up, finding an outfit, taking photos, editing those photos, and finding something to write about, is a lot more complicated than it seems. The funk that I was in before has now transitioned from being a social funk to being a blogging funk. I'll get back to it, but honestly, what gives? I have a lot of plans for the blog to come soon, so just wait for those, hang in there :)

Also time for a ranting side note: Regarding my Magic of Vulnerability post, I had a woman who refers to herself as a "creative consultant" say that publishing content like that is absolutely not what I should be posting. That that's not what viewers want to see, it's off putting, and unprofessional. If this past year at SCAD has taught me anything it's that being open to a critique and criticism is so important, and I am open to that, but I'd just like to clarify that I'm my own personal brand. I'm not selling you anything, I'm not trying to be famous, or something that I'm not, I'm trying to be myself and be me. I think that more than anything, it's more difficult to open up and be real on social media than it is to create a brand for yourself and build up a name. As I said before, my brand is me, Olivia Ruffin, not everything is perfect all the time, fashion, food, travel, and MORE Olivia Ruffin. Just Olivia Ruffin. I'm complex and do have many things that I do and I love, but first and foremost I'm myself, I don't ever plan to be fake, or to conform to a set of rules to gain followers, or popularity, I blog because I love it, I am working towards a degree in fashion marketing because I love it, not because I'm doing whatever I can to get famous and get likes. So yes, I will continue to write all the ushy mushy gushy posts I can, I'll dare to be personal and make my readers and viewers uncomfortable, because I feel connected with you all, I want to share my life with you, and not only the good points. And if you can't handle that, than you're in the wrong place, sorry I'm just not the right client for you.
Thanks for letting me rant. Stick around for more. And sorry to all you creative consultants out there, but I won't be giving you what you want any time soon, that's all.

For more of me, stick around! I'll see ya tomorrow chickadees, xo, O


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