Hello AGAIN! Two posts in one day, would you look at! I don't know HOW it's already Tuesday again, time is moving by SO quickly, and I have SOOO much work to do so that's always good... Anyway, I'm excited to share with y'all this weeks top ten links, and this time with PHOTOS! This was highly requested by SO MANY of my followers (my mom, thanks Mama) so I hope the post is more aesthetically appealing! Let me know what you think!
Starting off with my favorite genre, FASHION! I'm currently craving a top like Liv Purvis' pink gingham one featured in her latest post! How CUTE!
The ENVY I have over this terrarium party is too real. Y'all, how.fricken.cute. I so want to do something like this with my gals this summer. I love all the bright colors and florals!! Too fun!
Talk about good vibes, this smiley face balloon wall backdrop is EVERYTHING! I want a permanent one in my house!
Stressed? Because I know I am. It's finals people... This post from My Domain is something I already do and seriously find so helpful, but I'm trying to find the balance of not over doing it... Give it a shot!
So even though I am so so stressed, something getting me through it all is thinking about all the fun adventures I have waiting for me once I'm home. This video by Indy Blue gives me ALL the adventure feels, I so, so, so want to travel and make amazing memories like this, this summer. Even if the adventure is just down the road and not out of the country, it'll still be amazing because I have the most incredible friends to share and create the moments with! I cannot wait!
So on the Indy Blue note, she wrote a great post a while ago that I'm just now reading for the first time and LOVING! She's such a carefree spirit, which I totally admire! Give it a read for sure :)
Okay, I know I shared a post from Studio DIY last week, but her new clutch just came out today and I'M IN LOVE! It's got to be my favorite so far from the collection! Someone please buy this for me. I neeeeeeed it, like really.
Alright, alright, alright, let's talk about the serious stuff here. HARRY STYLES' NEW ALBUM. I'm obsessed, I already know all the words and I can't stop singing. I was (still am) a huge Directioner back in the day, so I couldn't wait to hear this album, literally so, so happy my babe decided to continue making music <3
I'm starting to see removable wallpaper everywhere and really am obsessed. I may try to get some for my dorm room next year, I think that'd be SO fun! Such an easy way to spice up a place where you can't do anything permanent, I love it.
And finally, a very, very important perspective on High School Musical which I highly believe in. Sharpay worked HARD, girl deserved more credit.

That's all for this week folks! Tune in next Tuesday for more links and such! But still tune in everyday for other stuff ya know :)
Much Love! xo, O



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