Happy Tuesday! You know what that means right?? Ten things I'm loving Tuesday!! Okay okay lets get into it!

Starting off with a new blog! I've been a follower of Sea of Shoes fashion blog for who knows how long, but I JUST found out that she and her fiancé have a food blog together!! Temp & Thyme makes me WISH I were home, with an actual kitchen able to cook! All of their photos are so good and I just love Jane, so it's a win win!

Speaking of blogs, I'm sure you've all heard of Studio DIY, if not, check that out obvi. But the Mindell's share their adoption story and it's really so beautiful. I've been following along and reading all of Kelly's post on struggling to have a child and it's unbelievably heartwarming to read her post about finally being a mom :)

And anoooother fave family of mine, The Devines!! Just like Sea of Shoes and Studio DIY, I've been following the Devines on all their amazing adventures for what feels like forever, and their 5 year anniversary is just the best. They are such a fun family, I can't wait to see where they go next!!

On a completely different note, this is a really important quiz, I HIGHLY recommend taking it, truly life changing.

How ADORBS would a head full of these be!? I can see it now, too cute!

Any one have a birthday coming up? Because these candles are serious bday goals. Also, I LOVE Lief, all their products are so cute, i wish i could buy everything!

I don't think I've ever read a more true article, for everyone in my generation and younger ones, this is IMPORTANT STUFF Y'ALL!

I'm obbbbsesssedddd with the bold eyes trend in right now. I need to get my hands on some good eyeliners and shadows for cheap, any suggestions y'all?

And speaking of all things obsessed, I'm sooo obsessed with this top. I love big bows and frills lately, this top is big and fun but totally not over the top, you can wear it anywhere!

Finally, in honor of Mother's Day this Sunday, a lovely post on the perfect thing to celebrate with, flowers!! I wish I were home for Mother's Day to celebrate with my Mama, maybe next year.

Hope y'all are still digging this feature! Until tomorrow, xo, O


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