Hello everyone! In the exploration of attempting to make my blog posts more diverse and different I thought I'd start a little something called "Ten Things I love Tuesday", pretty simple, yeah? yeah. It's nothing incredibly unique, but it will give you a better look into my life right now and what I'm digging as of late :) So let's get into it! Here are ten fantabulous things I've been soooo loving this week!!

1.Tara Milk Tea's Instagram- This girl, I swear to God has the coolest, most delicious life I've ever seen on social media. Not only are her photos amazing, but she is just so cute, and totally would be the most rockin' travel buddy! She's been to so many exciting places and is always trying new things, I hope to one day be able to do the same!! Also, she's been to Hong Kong a few times and I love looking back on her trips and imagining how that will be me this time next year!!

2. This sequined bag- oversized + woven straw + sequins + rainbow = a match made in bag heaven!!! I NEED to get my hands on this bag, I'm obsessed. Enough said.

3. Okay okay, so speaking of bags, I'm sure you've seen the Cult Gaia basket bags EVERYWHERE, and if you are anything like me, would kill for one, but at the same time want to stand out. WELL Cult Gaia now has the ABSOLUTE best one of their collection and it's right up my alley. THIS. Hello greeeeen!!!! And Acrylic?! What's better than that? #sobeehive

4. And on that note... Have you seen Beehive's blog, Local Honey?! It's so so cute, with fashion tips, DIYs, style reports, interviews, all the above and more. Seriously, check it out, you won't want to miss a single post!!

5. While we are the Beehive train... please take a look at THESE shoes!! Like everyone else in the world, I've been so in love with stars lately, and must me some star studded kicks like these. And HEY if you want 15% off ANYTHING at Beehive, use the code TAKE15OR at check out and it's yours! Going to a local store? show them the coupon on my left sidebar at the register for 15% off :) Happy Shopping!

6. In a totally non-fashion note, This amazing video makes me laugh every time, it's super short and just what you need as a good pick me up if you're ever feeling down. It's soooooo inspirational. And to be completely honest, this isn't from this week, I've had it bookmarked for who knows how long and I watch it all the time!!

7. And on a total fashion note, who tuned in for all the Met Gala hype last night?? Because I did!! Some outfits were drab and some soooooo fab! I enjoyed this article on Business of Fashion all about it.

8. I've been dreaming of making these veggie nuggests once I'm home this summer and not a broke college student on a meal plan. They look so delish, and what's not to love about Buzzfeed's Tasty! The videos are so good they could trick you into wanting to eat almost anything. But I do really actually want these veggie nugs.

9. Summer is pretty much here and almost in full force in Savannah, I need sunglasses the second I wake up, and how CUTE are these so funky and fun!! I love love LOVE Ban.do and everything that they sell and create! I think working for them would be soooo much fun, maybe an internship is down the road, what a blast that'd be!!

10. And sticking with Ban.do, how sick would those glasses look with this floral jumpsuit?! Any outfit that is both top and bottom in one piece I'm a fan of, and this pattern has me written all over it! The price not so much... But a girl can dream right??

On that note, I'm off to dream land. I hope you guys like this feature, if so, let me KNOW! COMMENT! or SOMETHING! I want to know what you guys like and want to see from me on here! Please comment down below so I know :) Anyway, that's all for tonight, I hope everyone sleeps well! See ya tomorrow with an outfit post <3 xo, O


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