Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

PreSummer Blues

Howdy Howdy everybody! As I'm sure you know, summer is either right around the corner or here for most college kids right about now, but unfortunately we still have thirty some days left. HOWEVER! This weekend we were able to have a little pre-summer getaway to Hilton Head, South Carolina with Cher's parents and have been having a total blast!! Sadly we leave tomorrow, but I wish we could stay forever. Just the thought of class on Monday sends shivers down my spine. Don't get me wrong, I do love school, all of my classes are amazing, but the amount of work that comes with it is nottttt amazzzzinnnggg...

Today the beach was SO BEAUTIFUL! But SOOOO WINDY! In the photo below, you can actually see the sand and how intensely it was blowing! The water felt great, but the sand on our legs STUNG! We were talking about how cute it would be for an animated short if all of the grains of sand got together and were like, "We are sick and tired of these giants kicking us around, covering themselves in us and removing us from our homes to make small castles! WE MUST REVOLT!!" And then having them start an army and charging towards us with their tiny swords yelling and screaming and then it zooms out to us and all you hear are the waves and one of us goes, "ooo that one kinda hurt". We chuckled about the idea of it. Maybe we will team up with some animators at SCAD and put it together hahaha. But yeah, the sand won and it was just too much to bare on the beach so we had to leave to the pool, where I journaled and eventually fell asleep.

Currently, we are sitting with a box of oreos and some milk with Jurassic Park on in the background. Life is good. I hope this weekend never ends :)

Until tomorrow <3 xo, O


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