Savannah, GA, USA


Happy Hump day y'all! So far this week has been soooo much work and just so so busy. I have a million and one projects due on Monday and a busy weekend lineup already, so of course this weekend is looking stressful already!! Love it. Anyway, speaking of things I actually love! This OUTFIT! If you remember I did that black, white, and red lookbook a little bit ago and I'm wishing I added this one in there with it. I love the matching stripes, but also the clashing patterns! And the best part..? It's 100% thrifted! I got so many complements today while wearing it, even from my fashion professor, so you KNOW that's a good complement (@Lucas, give me an A for my outfits pls)

Anyway, this week has been a loooootttttttt, but I know it only goes up from here!!! Ally is visiting Savannah in 8 days and I cannot WAIT!! More on that soon!! Sorry this post is SO short, but honestly I just need to go to sleep now and make sure I can start fresh for my busy day tomorrow. Until then chickadees! xo, O


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