Savannah, GA, USA

ALLY IN SAVANNAH +not enough photos :(

HELLO! This past weekend has BY FAR been my favorite weekend in Savannah, like, EVER. My bff, Ally came down to visit me and we had a TOTAL blast! I'm SO bummed though, we didn't take nearly enough photos! I seriously wish we took more, but we did vlog the entire weekend, took a bunch of polaroids, and did a bff photoshoot with one my my fave photographers here at SCAD, SO those memories will be good to look back on for sure :)

Every night was a slumber party, we never ran out of things to talk about, and the entire weekend was a dream. I absolutely love my friends here, but it was so SOO nice to have my person back with me, seriously Ally and I connect with each other on some kind of level that I just don't with anyone else, and that is so special. Being in a long distance relationship with your best friend is hard, but it makes little weekends like this all the more amazing! SO, here are some of the only photos we took this weekend, but be sure to look out for our vlog that I'll be posting on Sunday!! Until then, xo, O
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Us trying to vlog..... ^^



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