Savannah, GA, USA

Sweet in Springtime

ON ME: top, earrings, shoes + glasses (wow so much) - Forever 21 // belt- thrifted (not helpful) // skirt- sewn by me, fabric purchased at Jo-Ann (cool)

ON BRI: coming soon :P

HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! First things first I have to admit, I am the WORST at pranks, I'm really really good at being pranked, but honestly unless it's putting a trashcan above a door and having trash fall on someone's head, I don't know any pranks for the life of me. I hope today was a nice day for all you pranksters out there, I sincerely hope you thrived today.

All pranks aside, today was fantastic for me! Bri and I got together finally to take some pics for our blogs, it was HOT today, but regardless, any time spent with Bri is always wonderful :) Check out Bri on her blog, STYLE ME BRI she too blogs about fashion and what not, go give it a read!!! It was sort of perfect how we accidentally coordinated our colors, I swear, it was completely accidental! Great minds think alike!! I actually made this skirt this morning, it is a litttllleeeee snug, but I am happy how it turned out. (Please scope that I have yet to hem it, I was too eager to photograph it, and lazy, so there is some selvage peeking out heh heh)

I really loved spending time with Bri today, hopefully this quarter won't be so busy and you'll be seeing more of her here on the blog :) Don't forget to give her a follow! xo,O


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