128 E Bay St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA


Good morning loves, and happy Monday! This past weekend was one of my favorites, full of nonstop fun and activity. Bri, Cher, Alli and I all went to Café M on Saturday, and oh man do I wish I had one of those croissants to get me through this morning, but alas, Special K will have to do. Anywhooo... Café M is a little Parisian café on Bay St, overlooking river street on the upper level. We were all chatting how we would love having a kitchen that looked like Café M, all of the colors were so perfect, light mint green, pinks, yellows, what could be better?! I got the nutella and banana croissant sandwich. I HIGHLY recommend it, it was warm and oh so ooey gooey, full of chocolatey goodness, again, what could be better?!?! Hardly anything quite frankly... I didn't get the chance to try the macaroons, but seriously, so so cute. Not only do they make amazing croissants and macaroons, but they freshly bake baguettes and loafs of bread you can buy in house, basically the place smells like heaven. I really want to try one of their actual sandwiches, I will be going back for sure! Ugh... I can smell the bread now... if only the weekend were sooner... What's your favorite pastry?? xo, O
Café M is open from 8am-4pm everyday and is located at 128 E Bay St, Savannah, GA 31401


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