Howdy Howdy! I hope the start of everyone's week is fabulous so far! Mine has been, just now we had the best Beyoncé dance party in my dorm and have just been sharing the best laughs all day. It was free ice cream day at Ben & Jerry's and I honestly think there was something in the ice cream that has made us all insanely hyper. But hey!! It's made for an awesome day :)

Besides dance parties and two too many ice cream cones, I was SO excited to finally shoot at Rainbow Row with Julia. Ever since I first saw this row of houses when I was on my trolly tour with my dad when he visited (yes, yes we did do a trolly tour. and YES it was totally completely amazing!) I've wanted to shoot here. They houses are just TOO cute to not! Also any excuse to get out and shoot with Julia is a good one :)

My outfit, besides accessories, was actually purchased all at the Urban Gypsy Trunk Show! Pinstripes and embroidery are so so so in right now so I was crazy lucky to get this outfit for under $15!! What a steal am I right? My best advice I could give to you right now would have to be, before you go to the big brand stores where things will be pricey and trendy, GO TO THE THRIFT STORES! Places like Goodwill, yard sales, trunk shows and what not most definitely have what you are looking for for cheap if not more! Trust me on this one, no joke, you'll save so much money and be satisfied guaranteed! Okay okay, that's all I have to say on that, and pretty much for this post... BUT one side note, how CUTE is Julia here?! Like seriously y'all!! Be sure to check out her blog, Art and Misfits and give her a follow on insta :)

Have a fantastic week chickadees! xo, O

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