Hey, so if you've tried to access my blog recently and came to a page saying " does not exist" then you will understand why this post is titled what it is. Lately life has been a lot, a lot of tough projects, a lot of late nights, a lot of melt downs, a lot of homesickness, and just a LOT. If this quarter being as busy as it already is wasn't enough, my blog decided to just take a little vacation from me. Sometime last week I was trying to post and post and post and nothing was working, my blog was not loaded, and then I got an email that night saying, "Olivia, thank you for your cancellation of All Those Little Things, we are processing your request" like wait wait waait watttit waitgtwahohgaeghousjsielru WHAT?! I didn't cancel it! Why would I! My card didn't expire or something, why would it? As you can imagine at this point I was already incredibly nervous about losing my blog forever, and after what felt like a million years I finally figured out how to revive it, but like, still so so so stressful. SO welcome back All Those Little Things! But of course, the stress doesn't just magically end there... of course there is still school, course registration, applying for housing, roommate drama and alllll that jazz. And even though I am in the midst of all this and every single day will still be nonstop busy busy busy, I do my best to manage my stress here, so I thought I'd share how I do with you guys! Let's get into it...

And quick side note: in these photos I'm wearing my latest pair of MeUndies, which are sooo soft, so comfy, and just the all around best! Check out my other recent MeUndies posts to hear me rave all about them!
Make treating yourself a priority 
When stress overflows everything that you do and it feels like the end of the world, the most important thing you need to know is that it's not! When I'm stressed I tend to just immediately feel incredibly drained, feeling like my todo list is miles long, and that I have no time to do anything but to stress! And most of the time that's not true, when you're in college most likely you are on your own, unless you are still living at home, so you won't always have someone to take care of you the way your parents would when you were younger. Even if it feels like you don't have time to blink, odds are you do, and if not, MAKE TIME and take care of yourself! You won't produce anything if you aren't at peace with yourself, so if that means taking time to treat yourself to a nice dinner, a nap, some ice cream, hanging out in your favorite park, really whatever, just take time to indulge in YOU, and what you like and what makes you happy.

Get active
I've never been super into working out, I don't like feeling sore and the gym can be so intimidating! I know all the gym regulars say, "we don't judge other people at the gym, we do not look down on people who are out of shape!" But let me tell you, say that all you want gym rats, but it still feels like that when I'm there... And not going is so much easier than actually putting in the effort of going. BUT Okay time to contradict myself here... for the past week or so I've been going everyday and trying out new classes and I've been LOVING it! They're fun too, maybe I look like a lobster and feel like a noodle afterwards, but it is really great having someone motivate you along the way and feeling so accomplished at the end! Classes are a much better way to get active than just working out on a machine where you just want it to end already! So far I've done classes like Zumba, yoga, awesome abs, melt and other fun classes! SCAD has a really great gym facility, and I'm sure most colleges do too, check out their schedule to see when classes are held!! But if not, if the gym really really isn't your thing, just get outside! Go discover a new part of your city and soak up the sun where you can, you don't even have to go on a run, nothing too vigorous, just walking around outside can be so so good for not only your bod, but it's a time for you to separate yourself from everything and just clear your mind, what's better than that?
Study in a new environment
Lately I have definitely been experiencing some dorm room cabin fever, I know someone has for sure told you before to "not do your work in or near your bed" because it will just make you tired, thus making you even more stressed! And they're right! I feel like I can't have work and home be the same place, especially when living in such a small space like a dorm. Maybe that is just me but I feel like it's much easier to get distracted! And when you are somewhere else you feel more motivated to get all of your work done because you've come all this way to do work and you've at this point set your mind to doing the work, ya know? I've found that I really enjoy working in our student center, or outside if possible. The student center is nice because they have large individual desks with desktop computers, so I can spread out and really get it all done, also there are color printers here which is a MUST. And working outside is just always a must, the weather is so nice here, it's practically summer in Savannah, so any chance I can get to be outside before it is really really REALLY summer (aka 100+º) I like to take advantage of the sun :) Finding a fresh new place to study is really exciting, it's clean, easy, and you won't be tempted to crawl into your bed that's a foot away.

Know that it's okay to feel how you're feeling and not to neglect that
A really bad habit that I feel like most people have these days is to ignore their feelings. If you're incredibly overwhelmed or feeling hurt or sad, most likely it shows, and if someone asks if you're okay, don't shut them out! It is always good to talk through things, and you don't have to be super specific, but it's good to be able to admit to yourself that you are stressed, or feeling however you are. If you need a good cry, a good breakdown that is totally okay too, it's okay to cry, it's okay to weep, it's okay to feel feelings!! Just know that everything is going to be okay afterwards, most likely when you are at that breaking point of a total melt down, things can only go up from there! Just make sure you don't try to convince yourself you are okay, because that will just result in more stress when you fall behind because you don't have the pressure to do so, ya know? yeah. Basically know that feeling down in the dumps is totally okay, and totally normal.
Get enough sleep
Maybe this one is just an obvious, but sleep is the most important thing you can do to better yourself. Sunday night I pulled an all-nighter and I've honestly felt like crap all week long, and I take 8ams everyday, what was I thinking!? When I say get enough sleep, I don't mean nap here and there and go to bed at a similar time every night, I literally mean sleep 8+ hours, go to bed early every night and plan to do so. So since you know you have to go to bed early, don't leave your homework until late at night! Get things done so you can get a good night sleep :)

Call your friends and family from home
Yes, you may have the best friends ever here, but realistically no one knows you like your lifelong friends and family from your hometown. If there is anyone to vent to, catch up with, or just talk through everything you're feeling; it's probably them. They know the way you work and who you are as a person. Giving them a call will most likely lift a weight off your shoulders. Oh and call your grandparents, don't forget about them, they rock, give them a call, because they always love to hear your voice too :)
Remember that perfection doesn't exist 
And last but not least, never forget this; although you may strive for perfection, in all realness, you will never ever get there, simply because it doesn't exist!! Set standards for yourself in knowing what you can accomplish, don't set the bar too high, but don't be afraid to push yourself. Stressing yourself out even more is so not worth it, but know your standard of greatness and do your best best best to get there and go beyond! But don't worry about spreading yourself too thin and stressing yourself out, it's not worth it. Everything you produce will be wonderful and beautiful as long as it's your best, YOUR best, not anyone else's best, not as good as someone else's, but 100% totally your best and your level, don't compare yourself to others because everyone has their own standards of what they can achieve.

And that's all little blogbabes! I'm so so relieved to finally have my blog back, up and running, and I hope to be back posting on here everyday. Let me know if these tips were helpful at all, they're pretty much just what I do to help myself keep a level head. Anyway, I need dinner and to continue studying for Art History. I love you all so so much! See you tomorrow :) xo, O



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