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Hey!! Happy Tuesday Night! It's practically late enough to basically be Wednesday, and seeing as I take all 8am classes, I TOTALLY should be asleep by now, but hey! Here I am, coming at you with a MeUndies post!! As you all know, or should know, I work with the underwear and loungewear company, MeUndies, where they'll send me monthly undies and I'll brag about how AWESOME they are you y'all! And of course regardless of how sweet the sponsorship perks may be, all opinions are my own, I would never lead you guys astray when it comes to anything, especially undies!!
So lets get into it!! This month I got two pairs, and normally I'll bundle the two shoots into one post doing an overall MeUndies review, but I just loved these photos so much I thought they deserved their very own post :)

This pattern I've decided is my favorite of all my MeUndies so far! My personal style has always been bright, fluttery, (dare I say stereotypically) girly, and floraly! So when I opened these up in my package last week I was BEYOND excited! The flowers are just SO CUTE! Also, the colors are brighter in real life, so yeah man I just love this pattern, everything about it is the best!
MeUndies undies come in all different styles, I think that the cheeky is the most comfortable, that's my personal favorite. I know what some of you ladies are thinking though, "That is just SO much fabric! I only wear thongs!" Okay so yes, depending on what you wear sometimes you will get some wedgies, BUT the perk of these over thongs is not only that they are 500x more comfortable, BUT BUT BUT! They may not be seamless, but they may as well be because you can NEVER tell I'm wearing my cheeky MeUndies under anything! Even leggings! No joke y'all, at least that's what I've experienced and it rocks :) So if you like the comfort of the classic underwear style but don't want lines to show, go with the cheeky, you won't regret it! Oh! and did I mention that all MeUndies are the SOFTEST IN THE WORLD?! Uh Ya, go buy yourself some! 
Soooo overall, MeUndies ROCK! More photos coming later this weekend of my other pair I received last week :)
And a HUGE thank you to my new friend Rachel for taking these beautiful photos of me, first impressions are only good if you take your pants off at the end right ;)
Anyway, go buy some MeUndies for yourself, and go give Rachel a follow! See y'all tomorrow. xo, O


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