BEACH RETREAT // #sobeehive

Good morning loves!

First of all, I am honestly so sorry I haven't been consistent with my posting, it's mid term week and all I have been doing is sitting in my room in pajamas making art history flashcards and filling out diagrams of Grecian temples... absolutely riveting I know. Basically the only chance I've had to do anything other than study has been to eat, not nearly enough time to blog. What I wouldn't give to be on the beach with a cone of Rita's in my hand...

BUT here I am, sitting in intro to fashion design, waiting for my professor to come over and look at my collection progress and blogging while I wait. Over Easter weekend, Nate came down to Savannah and surprised me, it was amazing! I had such a fantastic weekend with him! On Saturday we went to Hilton Head for a beach day! The beach was crowded but we walked down a good bit to where it wasn't so congested, and although I did get a nice burn on my butt thanks to falling asleep in the sun, we had a good time. These are some photos Nate took :)

Also! The cute bikini tee I'm wearing in the first photo and some others as well, is my #sobeehive top! If you want 15% off anything Beehive, scroll down below for the coupon code!!



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