Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Hello SpringBabes! In honor of spring time, I made these delish sunflower cupcakes that are SO SO easy to make and even BETTER to eat! All you need is four ingredients, a cupcake pan and holders and an oven, I think you can handle that right? Right!! Let's get cooking!!
cake mix +ingredients to make that
vanilla frosting
yellow + green food coloring
bake your cupcakes! I did strawberry just because that is my favorite flavor and the pink is so so cute!

Once totally cooled, split Oreos in half and place in the center of the cupcakes

Mix in two bowls, almost all frosting and yellow coloring for petals, and some frosting and green coloring for leaves

Pipe on one row on the outside of yellow for the first row of petals, and then right up to the Oreo, but not over the Oreo, pipe another layer of yellow, either over top or in between, pipe out the green frosting for the leaves.
AND THAT'S LITERALLY IT! I'm not any kind of expert cake decorator, like what so ever... And I REALLY don't know why SCAD doesn't have that at least as a minor, because it's a serious art, and not an easy one at that! Come on SCAD, step it up...

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these! Be warned though, with all the frosting and what not, the Oreo can get somewhat soggy after a few days, so eat them up quickly :) And of COURSE, Enjoy!!!!! Let me know if you make them what you think by tagging me on Instagram, emailing me or really WHATEVER!