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Happy Happy Thursday everyone! See posting everyday isn't too hard!! Okay, yeah yeah, granted I'm on spring break doing literally nothing but blogging, but HEY! I'm doing well right?! Right ;)
I'm super excited to share this new feature with you all called "Style Profile". I'm sure you can guess what it is just by the name and the look of the post already, but regardless, I'm still excited! Basically I'm constantly being inspired by other people and their personal styles every single day, and I'm always curious as to how they found their styles and what makes them a fashionista etc. etc. etc. SO why not share this inspiration with y'all!?

Well let's get started!! Today's spotlight is fellow Richmonder, ultra groovy 70's inspired blogger/Etsy shop owner, and MEGA fashionista Tori Radday. Tori and I got together yesterday, took some stellar photos and talked a little bit about her personal style! Read more to learn all about this magical gal!!

OUTFIT ONE: "I love this outfit for the dress, it's a new vintage dress that I originally bought for my Etsy shop but just fell in love with it so I had to keep it for myself! I love the color, it's so springy, so retro!" -Tori

Me: "So tell me a little bit about yourself, give me some background of your life as a fashionista."
Tori: "Well I grew up in Richmond, Virginia and then went to Philadelphia University where I studied Fashion Marketing and Management. I took a lot of extra classes, which allowed me to graduate in three years rather than four, which was totally worth it. I love that I'm doing what I want, I'm not sitting in class, not constantly taking notes, instead I'm busy doing exactly what I want, I'm right where I want to be. After college I realized Philly wasn't for me, I knew I wanted to do fashion, but new New York City wasn't for me either, so I came back home to RVA. And I love Richmond! I just bought my own house and I'm loving it. I'm super busy working two jobs, one in home decor and one in retail, in addition to the work of my blog and my Etsy shop, I'm always busy here."
Me: "At what age do you think you first developed your style?"
Tori: "Probably at around thirteen or fourteen, right around when I started my blog, so about six and a half years ago! I started it as a way to get involved with fashion, I had always loved clothes and fashion, but in school I went somewhere where everyone looked the same and would look at me funny for wearing something unique, I'd get the strangest looks! Eventually people just got used to me being the fashion girl. But I definitely developed my style at some point in middle school when I was exploring it all and expressing myself through blogging."
Me: "You have a blog, 'Fashion, Trends & More', what is your favorite thing about blogging?"
Tori: "Blogging has opened up so many doors for me, things like collabs, photoshoots, and connecting with other bloggers have been so fabulous. My favorite part has got to be meeting and connecting with likeminded people. It is great to be able to talk with people who are into the same things I am, and people who have just as much as a love for fashion as I do! The community is so strong, I love that, it's just so fun!"
OUTFIT TWO: "I'm really into pink right now, I love all of the blush tones, the pinks and the florals are perfect for this spring!"

Me: "In addition to your blog, you also have your own Etsy shop, Radday Vintage, tell me about that, when'd you open it? Where do you get all of the amazing clothes!? Just talk about it a bit!"
Tori: "Hahaha, It's actually my third! I started out selling dog bandannas, and then my second was selling shorts that I redid, either by distressing them, studding them, and stuff like that. It was fun! But now my shop is all vintage clothing. I opened it up last August, so about a year and a half ago! I collect my things from all over, flea markets, thrift stores, everywhere. Something unique about it I think is that all of my photos are styled by me. Most of the time on Etsy you'll see just the garment photographed alone, but for me I style the pieces completely head to toe and do full photoshoots for them, which is so much fun! I love to style, and it gives my personality in the shot!"
OUTFIT THREE: "Okay, this one's for the shoes... They're Jeffery Campbell's, that I got on SALE! I payed $60, and they were something like $170, so honestly, for these, it was a no brainer, I had to. But other than that, I just always love 70s style, especially here, it's so playful and free-spirited, and like I said I looovee pink."

Me: "What is your favorite fashion memory?"
Tori: "Oh that's a hard one! In general, just blogging has opened up so many great opportunities. When I was sixteen I was asked to do a photoshoot, with my style and all that, for Girls Life Magazine, it was so much fun! I was able to go up to Baltimore, it was a total blast! Okay so that and getting my first pair of Jeffery Campbell's hahaha, my shoe collection is ridiculous, I have too many but they're my babies."
Me: "Where do you seek inspiration?"
Tori: "So obviously the decades, 70s for sure, and other than that, Instagram. Some of my favorites I'm following right now are, @ aishahatter, @ ihateblonde, and @ _lou_baby_. It's really cool to see their lives, like @ aishahatter lives in NYC, and totally works for what she has, she's bold and just super cool to watch, @ ihateblonde blends fashion and art which I LOVE, it's cool to see those things as more of a daily lifestyle and not just what you wear, and @ _lou_baby_, I am just in love with her unique look, her makeup and style, its all so good, different and cool."
Me: "Oh no!! Your closet is on fire! You can only save ONE piece, what do you save? Why?"
Tori: "Oh my goodness, only one?! That's impossible! Shoes for sure, but which PAIR?! Okay... probably these [*gestures to her fierce Campbell's she currently has on*] honestly, they're the newest, so in the best condition which means I can continue to get so much wear out of them, that makes the most sense right..?? haha I don't even know I love everything I have too much."
Me: "Okay finally, what advice, would you give to someone trying to seek their own personal style?
Tori: "Have fun with it, you're supposed to!" If you don't try it out, you wont know what you like, fashion doesn't have to be expensive to be fashionable, so don't worry about the price tag, just find what you like and rock it!"

And that's all for now folks! Isn't Tori just the coolest? I'm so so excited to get together with her sometime this summer for more collabs :) So what do y'all think, after reading it, are y'all a fan of style profile's? Lemme know! I wanna give y'all what you want to see! 
Have a nice night, xo, O


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