POOL PARTY ft. Beehive

PAULA BOUGHT A POOL! Okay guys, lemme give you some background, so in my dorm complex "The Hive" they have been doing construction ever since we got here, it's loud, dusty, and super busy all over the place all the time. BUT one thing that just opened up after we got back from spring break is the POOL!! It's already in the 80s here everyday and it's just going to get hotter and hotter and HOTTER. So it's safe to say the pool was a good idea. And hey, don't think we just play around, it's not just all fun and games here, SCAD is hard, I work so so incredibly hard, I'm so grateful I now have somewhere to relax and literally cool off after a hard week of work. Also I guess this is where my tuition is going.....? But anyway, It's super cute and so so aesthetically pleasing, as all SCAD facilities always are, I was excited to get out there and take pics for y'all!
Okay now let's get down to the real business here, THESE SLIDES! If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should) you'd know I'm a brand ambassador for the company BEEHIVE we call ourselves "beehive babes" hehehe... ANYWAY! I've been obsessing over these slides on my Insta story, and I FINALLY got my hands on a pair this week and I couldn't be more excited! Like seriously, HOW cute are they??!?! SO CUTE! And here's the best part, you can get them too and for 10% OFF! Just use the code STAYFRESHOR00 online when you make your purchase. Live near a local hive? Beehive has store locations in Austin, Fortworth, and Little Rock, email me and I can send you a 10% off coupon you can print out and show in-store when you make your purchase! Easy as pie :) Enjoy and happy shopping beebabes! xo


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