Healthy Shamrock Shake

Hey guys!! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves in this snow day! Okay okay so I'm not actually snowed in, but it seems like everyone and there mother is snowed in so I thought I may as well give you something to do if you are!! In honor of St. Patrick's Day being this week I decided to make my own spin on a shamrock shake! It's somewhat tart, but super thick and delicious, oh and not to mention the ice cream topping and lucky charms make it all the more fun to eat :)
one avocado
one kiwi
one and a half FROZEN bananas
mint chocolate chip ice cream
lucky charm charms
Simply mix it all up in whatever blender you have, I just used my Vitamix, it's easiest and fastest and all that. Transfer into your prefered glass, top with ice cream, and charms and that's that!!!
Easy as pie! (lol happy Pi Day!) It's so easy and delicious, and oh so festive! Let me know what y'all think! If anyone does make it, be sure to tag me and use the hashtag #allthoselittlethingsblog xo ! Enjoy


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