Savannah, GA, USA

FRI-YAY!! Day in Photos

Happy Friday y'all!! First off, sorry for not posting yesterday! Things were honestly just so busy.... but HERE I AM! I'm excited, this weekend is ALREADY off to a great start, and I still have so many great things yet to come! Savannah Spotlight post on Monday, an outfit post tomorrow, new lookbook video on Sunday and another outfit post on Tuesday! Stay tuned, because a lot of good is upcoming :)
So starting with today; Julia, Cher, Alli and I went to this awesome pop-up shop called Elle's Urban Gypsy Trunk Show. It was such a blast. Run by the outrageously fantastic Elle who's a total gypsy goddess, we were empowered to the max! She's started her own business called The Booth Fairy, which you can check out online and on Instagram which I will be reveling more about sooooon :) It was great, if you showed up wearing a clashing outfit, then you got a discount! Tomorrow, if you wear a costume, you will get entered in an awesome giveaway, and Sunday you can swap your old clothes for some in the shop for free! How wonderful is that?! The whole place was oozing out fun, love, and magic. I loved every second! Also, my new stuff will be featured in upcoming outfit posts, so get READY!
The pop-up shop was located in Sulfer Studios at 2301 Bull St here in Savannah, and in the front of the space was the CUTEST little shop called The Hidden Hand Society, full of awesome feminist, cute, life loving goodies, it was totally my aesthetic, I NEED to go back for sure...
"Always strange, never a stranger"
The bubble machine out front was a nice touch :)
And it just gets BETTER! So you know our new pool?! Well there was a legit pool party! With floaties, a reggae band, and snowcone/food truck!! It was so wonderful, I actually managed to get a TAN!!  okay not really... I don't tan, I'm pale and that's pretty much as good as it gets, BUT I got some color and I'm feelin' good :)
Overall, today was so SO much fun! I love spending time with my ladies :) It's officially summer weather here, it was 85 and sunny today, and it just goes up from there! Also keep in mind it's humid as heck here, so that's always fun..... Anyway, as always, it's been a great time here in Savannah, I can't wait for another beautiful day tomorrow!! xo, O


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