Alright guys, It's OFFICIALLY Valentine's Day Week! If you still don't have the perfect gift and you're stumped on what to get your significant other, I know EXACTLY what you need. MEUNDIES! Y'all know I love MeUndies, and during the holiday season they have a special feature where you can order a matching set for you and your boo!

So here's the funny story... I had originally ordered these thinking that Nate was going to be in town to do a super cute coupley v-day shoot with balloons, confetti, and of course MeUndies, however car complications made it so he couldn't come down in time for Valentine's Day, major :( But I already had the undies and of course still had to do a post with them, so MAJOR shout out to Cher for turning me missing Nate into the BEST Galentine's Day slumber party EVER!! Cher rocks!!

All of the latest MeUndies Valentine's Day prints are just the CUTEST! They come in pretty much all sizes, plenty of different styles for whatever is most comfortable for YOU! Whether it be an XXL boyshort, or an XXS thong they've got it!! So get clicking! What are you waiting for! Go get that matching set! It's a gift for you AND your partner, what's better than that? not much... GO GO GO!!

I hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful Valentine's day full of love, whether it be a guys or girls night in with pizza, netflix, and hella ice cream, or out on the town, OR with your bae doing something you love together. Stay safe and stay golden :) Now go order MeUndies!! xo



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