Styling Chokers

Hat- Forever 21 // dress- American Apparel // glasses- Beacon's Closet // shoes- Mod and Soul // chokers- the Future on Forsyth

HAPPY SUNDAY everyone :) If you have two eyes and have seen any girl (or guy) in the past year or so, you've noticed that everyone and their mother is always wearing chokers. What's up with that? That's sooooo nineties! Well yeah the first chokers that came back in trend a little over a year and a half ago were the tattoo chokers, and I'm sorry but I just couldn't get on the trend bandwagon. Honestly I haven't been able to climb aboard the Choker Express until very VERY recently. I always thought that with my short hair and long neck and largeish jaw, i don't know I just couldn't ever fully commit, I just always thought they looked weird or I just couldn't "pull them off". But then of course I reminded myself that the only way one can "pull something off" is to simply put it on, and just by showing that you're confident, others will see that and think to themselves, "wow look at her go, I wish I could pull that off." little do they know they CAN!

so ANYWAY! I got these chokers from a cool thrift store here in Savannah called The Future on Forsyth, and REALLY dig them. I have another Postcards From Savannah post coming this week and there are some photos from Future in there :) But yeah so for this look I staked two chokers on top of each other for some extra ~*pizzaz*~  and really like the way it turned out! This outfit is probably one of the more trendy things I've worn in a while, but so are chokers so there you go! It's sort of an edgy boho meets the "I only shop at Urban Outfitters" vibe, ya know?

Life lately has been busy busy BUSY as always but SO fantastic too :) I'll update y'all on everything in that post to come :) Have a fantastic week! xo


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