Savannah, GA, USA

Seeing Red

Hello Hello! I know it's been a while, but here I am! Back and better than ever, and this time showing off some amazing garments designed by my friend Mariana! I actually met her while in line for the SCAD Fashion Show model casting, we were chatting and she asked me if I would be interested in modeling some of her clothes for her portfolio! All these photos were shot by another student and friend, Augusto, who since then I have shot with again, he's a lot of fun and so so good at what he does. I'm excited to share those photos with you guys soon too!! That's the thing that's so special about SCAD, I'm constantly surrounded by such talented, passionate, and hard working people who are always looking to constantly grow their personal brand by collaborating and working with other students, which is SO FUN! I'm so lucky! So thank you so so much to SCAD for providing me with such fantastic people to collaborate with and meet and just celebrate life with! Okie I'll quit rambling now... I hope y'all enjoy these photos! Let me know what you think :) xo


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