Savannah Sunset

dress- Target // everything else- Forever 21

Hey Hey Hey! I know it's been a while since I last posted, and I said on Instagram on the photo below that I'd be posting this blogpost basically like a week ago. Long story short, I've been hella busy and ugh just haven't had a chance to shoot photos or blog at all, it's been a lot. BUT Here I am! This weekend although it's STACKED with homework, I have made it a goal to get in as many posts as i can, Valentine's day themed and all!!! So get excited for those :)

I actually really really dig this outfit. This leather jacket is my absolute favorite at the moment, mainly just because pink is everything and ugh leather jackets are amazing! But trying to style this dress is SO tough. I have tried and tried and tired and failed and faillledddd... It just is not flattering whatsoever.. But HEY! I feel like I did a decent job styling it here :) I've wore it only once before, and that was featured on my friend Julia's blog, so you can check it out there !!!

And that's pretty much it! Sorry this post is so short, I need a nap and some warm cookies. Talk to y'all soon xoxo


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