Savannah, GA, USA

Postcards from Savannah

Happy Monday loves! Here are some photos from my life lately here in Savannah! Everything has been so busy, but it's warmed up, flowers are blooming, and summer although so far away is in sight!!! Okay I know that sounds so silly, but for real it is! All I can think about is vacations to see Alli on Long Beach Island, road trips with Nate, and so so many adventures with my squad once we are all back together again :) Anyway, here are some photos from my life lately. I hope you enjoy!! xo
 Nate visits 1/27/17- took him to my favorite restaurant Bella's
 Exploring thrift stores with Alli 2/3/17
 spring has sprung in Savannah!!
 Mirabelle's waffles with the roomies 2/4/17
 Exploring candy shops on River St. 2/11/17
 A day spent relaxing, journaling, and enjoying 77degrees of sunshine in Forsyth Park 2/11/17
 walking around Downtown Savannah 2/11-12/13
Opposite side of the sunset on Broughton St. 2/12/13



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