Forsyth Park, Drayton St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

Savannah Spotlight: Forsyth Park

Good Morning loves :) Today for the Savannah Spotlight feature I'm "spotlighting" Forsyth Park! A few weekends ago my friends and I went to Forsyth for a picnic and everything was SO beautiful! If you remember my farmers market post, that happens in Forsyth every Saturday. Forsyth is a mile around, slip in half with a full field for what ever hula hooping, pickup soccer playing, sunbathing, or guitar picking you desire and the other half more of your classic Savannah Square layout, overhanging trees, many paths, patches of grass with people reading or doing yoga in, benches, and all that jazz.

Forsyth is probably most known for its beautiful fountain right in the center. The one downside to it is that my dorms aren't the closest, and I don't really get out there as much as I wish I could. It's around a thirty minute walk, which totally isn't that bad, but I'm a busy bee and I have to be really free to make it out there. Although I don't recommend going at night, during the day it's constantly bustling with activity. If you visit Savannah, be sure to check out Forsyth, at least to walk though it is so so beautiful. There are also tons of cafés, boutiques and other stores lining it, so it's not just in the middle of nowhere. But like I said, just check it out during the day, and probably not at night, many things in Savannah get quite a bit "sketchier" at night, just being honest with y'all. BUT! It is seriously so so beautiful and I highly recommend checking it out when you visit :) Enjoy! xo


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