New Year, Same Me.... Just a Little Bit Better..

Hello and Happy New Year (again). I know I said I'd post this a while ago, but honestly since being back here in Savannah, of course everything has been super busy and I've hardly had time to really sit down and focus on writing any kind of post. However, right now I am here, incredibly tired, but ready to talk New Years resolutions!

Obviously all over the blogosphere lately is nothing but "new year new me" junk, people celebrating the new year sharing their resolutions and all that. If I'm totally honest though, some of the lists I came across left me sort of unsettled. They'd say things like, "eat less", "work out every single day, no exceptions", "only dress your best at all times",  harsh things that I feel like if broken, the writer would beat themselves up over... I don't know, maybe I'm just following the wrong people, but I feel like resolutions shouldn't be about what not to do, and being the best no matter what. It should be in ways to positively better yourself, and hey, if you forget, or slip up every now and then thats okayyyy. No more resolutions that you or anyone else will be upset by you not accomplishing every time. Resolutions are made by you for you to set a guideline for being better and happier in your book.

So, naturally, I'd like to share mine :) This year I want to focus on giving back, looking ahead and starting over. So 2017 is a clean slate, and I'm confident if I generally follow my resolutions, it will be fabulous!

Here we go:
Practice patience, and learn to fully communicate better 
This is something I've never been very good at. But this is a year for starting fresh, and I plan to apply this resolution in everything I do. Whether it is in my workspace during a stressful moment, in the middle of an argument with a friend or significant other, or honestly, behind the wheel, lol I like to speed... Patience is key and communication is what resolves almost everything.

Do something everyday that fuels my passions
Whether it's blogging, sketching clothes, writing, or catching up on the latest fashion news, I never want to stop doing what I love as I work towards my future pursuing fashion.

Stop looking in the mirror and being unhappy with what I see
No more trying on a zillion outfits and being unhappy, no more eating a full meal and being all, "ugh I'm so bloated", no more just waking up and saying, "oh yuck I look disgusting." No matter what the time or day, know that what I see is what I get and every inch of that is crazy beautiful. People don't even notice it either, people communicate through personalities, not though insecurities.

Practice self love and ditch self doubt
There honestly isn't any time or energy for that this year. I know I am one heck of an incredible woman, and that won't ever change. Hating on myself isn't even worth it. There are so many other things that I could do in all the time wasted spent on thinking I'm not good enough or can't do it, because I am and I can, I just have to believe in myself and try, and then and only then will I succeed.

Try to walk 45 minutes in the sunshine everyday possible 
I tried not to have too many physical things on my list, but honestly I do not work out one bit, and getting outside, and getting the sunshine in my veins for at least 45 minutes when possible is proven to increase happiness. And what's better than increased happiness? Maybe a bowl of Lucky Charms, my best friends and a pillow fort... but besides that, not much.

Honestly complement as many people as possible everyday
Because everyone deserves an unexpected little bit of joy, and to know just how awesome they are.

Finally watch Inception in it's entirety 
I think I've started it about five times, and I have NEVER finished. I don't even know what the plot is about, all I know is the girl from Juno is in it, someone walks up some stairs that I think are infinite, and Leonardo DiCaprio forgets to tell his kids he loves them...? Maybe? It's 2017, it's about time to figure this whole thing out.

Strengthen all relationships and know that no one is trying to tear me down, let only those into my life who will support and lift me up as I grow. 
I plan to surround myself with those who love me. There is no point in stressing over people who make you feel insecure, unhappy, or unneeded. It's just not worth it! But right now I have a fantastic support system, and my main goal is to continue to strengthen those relationships and practice team work, knowing that most everyone is on my side.

And that's all folks!! I hope you enjoyed reading my resolutions, hopefully they will inspire some of you to write a list of your own, or maybe you related to some of them and have added them to your list :) Sending all my new year love, sleep well babes, hope you had a restful and relaxing weekend :) Here's to another fantastic year! xo


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