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GUYS! It's a little over halfway through January, which means it's basically February, which means it's BASICALLY Valentine's Day!!! SO! In the spirit of the month of luvvvv I thought I'd share my Valentine's Day wish list/gift guide for every price range! Brands like and Forever 21 are already ALL OVER Valentine's Day gifts, which I LOVE.

Valentine's Day (besides Christmas) is my favorite holiday! It always has been and always will be. I have such great memories of my mom coming in to my second grade class with strawberry cupcakes with pink frosting and super cute little plastic hearts stuck into the tops, or always being decked out head to toe in pink and red, writing love letters to every person I knew late the night before, and stomach aches that never seemed to go away because I was never NOT eating some kind of chocolate or gummy candy. What's NOT to love?! And then last year I spent it with Nate which was super fun. All of us in my dorm are in long distance relationships and Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday this year, so I'm thinking we are going to order a few heart shaped pizzas, eat a lot of chocolate and watch a LOT of rom-coms. Sounds like the best girls night to me! Eeeeeeeep! I'm so excited! I hope this post at least sort of gets you in the spirit for the love month :) Happy Lovin! xo 


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