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HEY HEY! I'M BAAACCK! Well okay, technically I never left, and even more technically I've been here trying endlessly to write another "holiday look" post, if you saw my instagram post, you probably realized that I never actually posted the photos from that shoot, well yeah, that has been a draft for about a week now, and I'm struggling to find words to write. And although holiday style should be relatively easy to talk about, it's not like I've even been busy at all, I just haven't been able to get it out! I have holiday style writers block clearly...

Anyway, I want to start focusing my photos, and really organizing my Instagram feed, posting photos that are more color coordinated and just good quality. One of the hardest things about blogging can honestly be constantly asking myself, "is this worth a post?" like is this outfit cute enough, is the backdrop even that good? Well, now I've decided that I want to focus on color, having things be more colorful! I feel like color is such a good way to draw people in, and get their attention. Without being too flashy though, I want to spice things up with good pretty colors. So when you look at my blog, or my instagram, you'll see lots of cohesive color! Okay I feel like I'm totally rambling, basically, expect more color on here, because that's what I'm going for now.
top and necktie- thrifted // skirt and socks- Forever 21 // shoes- Converse

Do you guys ever struggle with the constant issue of looking at your closet or in your dresser and seeing piles and racks of clothes but thinking, "I have absolutely nothing at all to wear, what on Earth?!" After way tooooo many trials of trying on one thing and throwing that on the floor, adding something and rolling with it and then five seconds later hating it I FINALLY settled on this outfit. I've never worn this shirt or neck tie and I'm all about it. So secrets out, this "neck tie" is actually a belt, but wrapped around my neck twice it seemed to work out pretty well!! This shirt my mom got for me from Goodwill a little bit ago, and now actually wearing it out and about I'm in LOVE. If you know me you'd know I'm a total black and white striped fiend, so of course that's the first thing to love about the top, but its so billowy and comfy and AH! I love. And then of course the skirt.... what's not to love about mermaid sequins? Who knows! I don't know, because I am very much so totally, utterly, and completely in love with this skirt. 



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