Richmond, VA, USA


Hello Hello and Merry Christmas!
Yesterday, as most of the world knows, was Christmas, I took some little snippets throughout the day here and there to capture the essence of our first Christmas in our new house! Last night after we finally finished unwrapping (we are really slow and like to take many breaks) i opened my computer and I already saw so many "What I got for Christmas" videos, I was honestly kinda grossed out, why, on Christmas Day do you have to go and shout to social media every material thing that you got? Christmas is way WAY more than presents wrapped in festive paper with pretty bows, it's about family being together, which for us is sort of rare now that Emma is totally living on her own and Saunders will be soon too and I'm in college. So here's to family, laughter, love, and joy coming from us this holiday season :) xo


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