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Savannah Spotlight: Mirabelle Café

HELLO!!!! Tonight I'm introducing a new segment, Savannah Spotlight! I want to go around and give you little reviews of stores, cafés, restaurants and all the above! So that way, if you ever find yourself in Savannah, which hopefully one day everyone does seeing as it is a tremendously fabulous place and everyone SHOULD eventually visit, you'll have a little travel guide from yours truly! Do you remember the segment Words With Sunday? It's sort of like that.
SO! Without further ado... the first café I'll share with y'all is the Mirabelle Café and Suites, surprise! It's also a little hotel/inn/bed and breakfast thing! Although, I didn't stay the night here, I did enjoy brunch at the café this morning with my lovely roomies Cher and Alli :) (Cher is my new roomie and I've never been happier omg) Basically they are a waffle and panini café, what more does one need?! They have both sweet and savory waffles and although I have yet to try them, the panini's also look so dang good. The best part is that everything is pretty reasonably priced too! Especially in somewhere like Savannah, which is pretty touristy, they have the potential to make things hella expensive, like I could have totally seen these waffles being like $13 or something stupidly overpriced like that, but no! (my low-budget college wallet is thanking me) 
Also another thing that is amazing about Mirabelle's besides the waffles, is the atmosphere! Any establishment that is highly photogenic knows what they're doing. Like cute cozy comfy dark cafés are nice, but the second I spy a marble table or windows supplying so much gosh dang natural lighting I am all OVVVERRRR that ish. Thank you Mirabelle's for fulfilling my aesthetic needs. All in all Mirabelle's is a hit in my book :) Thank you to the SCAD sophomore who's insta I saw last night of you enjoying waffles, without you my Savannah Spotlight dreams wouldn't have come true today. If you're reading this you are a gem. 
 I hope everyone's weekend went well! Mine sure did, this evening my friends and I celebrated "Friendsgiving" at a great restaurant called Sapphire Grill, oh man, not only did I eat my body weight in the warm soft magical beautiful wonderful amazing bread that just kept coming, but also the decadent flourless chocolate torte was the BEST way to end the night, and I actually was able to bring some home! Me? Bringing home leftover cake? like WHAT?! I literally have a second STOMACH for desserts, my sweet tooth is ridiculously sweet, and I'm constantly craving. So the fact that I was able to bring some HOME?! INCREDIBLE! Anyway, long story short, my weekend was so great. What about you? xo

Mirabelle's Suites and Café is located on 313 Abercorn St. Savannah, GA 31401
Café open seven days a week from 8am to 5pm



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