Macaroons and New Friends

ON BRI: sweater- H+M (similar) // skirt- JCrew // socks- Loft // boots- Urban Outfitters // choker- Rue 21 (similar)
ON ME: scarf- thrifted (similar) // dress- Marshals (similar) // boots (similar), socks, hat (similar) // Forever 21

Good morning loves! Last weekend I got together with my new friend Bri and her roommate to take these photos! It's kinda funny, I met Bri just walking down the street, when a friend introduced us and reminded me that Bri has a blog too! I had followed Bri on Instagram before meeting her face to face, but when I found out that she too had a blog I knew a collab was in our future!! We wanted to do a fall-ish themed outfit, yet it's still in the low 80s or 70s here, and you still sweat when you walk anywhere, but hey, what are you gunna do. Our fall color scheme made up for that :) So, we went to The Paris Market, I tried my first ever macaroon, which was AMAZING by the way, and took some cute pics exploring around downtown!! Where can I buy twenty pounds of macaroons for 99¢?????

So I just finished Gossip Girl right? right. Great show. But I would always be SO BAFFLED by all the scenes where they're at brunch, or just sitting on the couch in their multibillion dollar penthouse apartments with TRAYS ON TRAYS ON PLATTERS of chocolate croissants, arrays of rainbow macaroons, cakes and pastries of all sorts just SITTING THERE. Like WHAT?! Pause on the drama of who's secretly dating who, and who's dad went to jail for embezzlement or some other money fraud, and EAT THOSE DANG PASTRIES! Watching that show always made me SO HUNGRY. But hey! Bri and I went to The Paris Market and were finally able to fulfill my craving of a macaroon and croissant hahaha...
What's your favorite fall style? Seeing as it has yet to get even remotely chilly here, I'm thinking that I'm just going to try to incorporate fall style in with color schemes and some light layering, other than that, not much I can do around here without breaking a sweat :/ 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xoxo



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