Savannah, GA, USA

Blue Hydrangea

dress- Urban Outfitters // tights and shoes- Forever 21

Hap Hap Happy Monday! Hope all y'alls weekends went well and your week is already off to a great start! I know mine is! This morning Julia and I explored old parking decks, playing around with shadows and holding on just tight enough to lean off the edge without being totally spooked. That and me still totally procrastinating a paper that is due tomorrow... whaaaat??? What's school when you're going home in just a little over 24 hours? Not much that's for sure.

 Hey, notice anything different too? For starters, I cut my hair a few weeks ago and never really "announced" it to you guys, I mean it's nothing huge, it's what it normally looks like, but still. Also I dyed it! Blondes don't have more fun, they have fried, dead, and brassy hair and expensive upkeep. So yeah besides the new hair, how about the new BLOG! Lately I'm sure you noticed, I've been fidgeting around with colors and layouts and stuff, but I finally SPLURGED! I spent a whole FIVE dollars on this blog template from Etsy and I'm actually obsessed. Thank you Etsy! What do you guys think? You like this or my last one? Lemme know!
I hope everyone makes it home safely for Thanksgiving, or where ever you go this week if you're celebrating :) Have a fantastic one! xo


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