Good Morning lovelies! For this post I teamed up with MeUndies! MeUndies is a sustainable, made in the USA, incredibly comfy cozy, all around divine underwear, and newly loungewear, company! I first discovered MeUndies on Instagram and was immediately obsessed, I knew I had to work with them. All their undies are SOOOOOO comfy, literally the sOFTEST UNDIES I'VE EVER WORN! I kid you not, they are so soft and comfortable, I don't think I will every be buying any other underwear again...

Personally I prefer the Cheeky Brief fit, because it covers just about everything and is cut in all the right places where you don't have to worry about anything pinching or rubbing in a weird way. I got a size small and everything fit me perfectly!
However, the Bikini is also SO comfy and cute too. I got these again in a size small and man oh man they are so comfortable. The one thing that can get sort of annoying, is wedgies. I'll be honest with you guys, and maybe it's just the clothes I've been wearing with these, but wedgies are definitely a thing, but it's bearable, for how comfy they are, it makes it worth it. 
Overall, MeUndies rock and you all should TOTALLY go out and buy some. They are super affordable for how much love is sewn into them. Seriously, go buy MeUndies... I mean it. 



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