Golden Kids

Hello Hello from RVA! I'm home for Thanksgiving, and let me tell you, everything here is SOOO beautiful. Back in Savannah, it's like fall doesn't even exist! The trees don't change color, it doesn't get cooler out, everything kind of just dies, and it'll get cold, but then …


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Blue Hydrangea

dress- Urban Outfitters // tights and shoes- Forever 21

Hap Hap Happy Monday! Hope all y'alls weekends went well and your week is already off to a great start! I know mine is! This morning Julia and I explored old parking decks, playing around with shadows and holding on just tight enough to l…

Savannah Spotlight: Mirabelle Café

HELLO!!!! Tonight I'm introducing a new segment, Savannah Spotlight! I want to go around and give you little reviews of stores, cafés, restaurants and all the above! So that way, if you ever find yourself in Savannah, which hopefully one day everyone does seeing as it is a tremendously fabulou…


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