Playing With Light

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HEY QTs! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I know these photos aren't very Halloweenie, but I don't have my costume totally and completely together yet anyway, so not much to post over here. BUT I thought I'd post these photos form last month that my cool friend Liam took anyway! We wanted to sort of play with light, and if you follow any instaphotographers then you've totally seen photos like these before, here are some examples of inspo, 1 // 2 // 3 // 4. I think we pretty much nailed it huh? Go us!! Anyway, enjoy these! I recently did another shoot with Liam with a TOTALLY different vibe so get excited for those too :)

I hope you all have an absolutely amazingly fun and exciting Halloween! And even though it's on a Monday this year, I know a bunch of y'all will still be going out, so please please don't forget to stay safe, hydrated, and groovy, but that last one is always a given :) Love y'all so much <3 xo


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