jacket (similar), boots + belt (similar)- Forever 21 // jeans- Hidden Fashion // top- Papaya // glasses- Amazon (similar, similar

HEY BABIES! After a somewhat chaotic, yet also super relaxing week of being evacuated and then getting to go HOME I am back in sunny Savannah at lassstttt :) It's good to be back, while I was at home I actually got my wisdom teeth out (scope my cute jaw bruises), so although I'm still sore and popping advil like it's my flipflopping JOB it's STILL good to be back here. I missed my roomies and all my lil friendies!! However I'm NOT too stoaked on how it's still freaking a million degrees here every dang day, but hey, once the cold comes, I'll miss these sunshiney days, so I'm soaking it up I guess. I love the fact that even though I've only been home for a day, I already am loaded up with so much work and am already loosing sleep, but hey, that's college right?
Anyway! I wore this outfit to classes today and wasn't sure how I felt about it, I got a lot of compliments which definitely made me feel like a little gem, and that's fun. But I do LOVE how these photos turned out. Ava and I went out and photographed in front of our favorite house, we are going to move in to it, it's ours, yeah, it's amazing. Actually, it's abandoned and in the middle of a parking lot, alone, and falling down, basically a dream come true ya know? I've been really into colored leather (or well pleather since I'm brokeee as anything, and like, i luv animals sooo) What do you think? Yay or Nay? 

Wellllll I hope yall are all doing well and if you were effected by the hurricane in any way you are a-okay, safe and somewhere comfortable now :) I love you all so much! I have lots of fun things coming to the blog soon so stay tuned! xoxoxo



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