THE Unofficial Road Trip Playlist with Turo!!

HEY GUYS! As you probably know I started school today! (finally) We drove eight, but what felt like a million, hours down from Richmond to Savannah and honestly, it wouldn't have been possible with my killer road trip playlist I made! I teamed up with Turo to share with you guys my favorite songs to jam to while on the open road!
But what is Turo might you ask? In the simplest of terms, it's like Airbnb but for cars. Want to explore a new city? Want to earn easy money while just sitting back and relaxing at home? You can rent the car of your dreams, you can list your personal car for cash all through the super easy, ultra awesome company, Turo! Intrigued? CHECK IT THE HECK OUT THEN! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Turo is perfect for EVERYONE, no matter if you're doing miles and miles and miles cross country, or just want to explore a new city in the luxury of your favorite type of car.
But what's MOST important?! Obviously making sure you have something great to listen to while driving you're Turo car of course! For me, when I drive I LOVE to just JAM OUT, SO I loaded up my playlist with super fun pump-up tunes that will keep me excited about my trip and happy every mile :) What about you?  


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