I'M HERE I MADE IT! I am FINALLY in Savannah and doing outfit posts again (hopefully) but so far SO great! Guys, I've been here five days and everything is already so amazing, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! We start classes on Monday, and of course everyone has been partying dusk till dawn and just having a grand ol time daily, we'll see if and how that changes once classes start though... Everyone here is so nice and cute and UGH I LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE! It is so fabulous. Tonight all my roomies and I went out to dinner with Ava's dad and stepmom to celebrate her birthday. It was great! The food here is great, OMG I can't even begin to tell you how just GREAT everything is here! I love this place so freaking much.
And here are my roomies! From left to right is Alli, Sammi, Ava and yours truly! I really do love my roommates. We live in a suite and it's ultra nice. I will do a dorm tour video v soon, once everything is really really set up. So get excited!
And that pretty much wraps that up! I will post as much as I can while I'm here. There are endless opportunities for taking photos and doing photoshoots which is soy fun! But we will see how busy I am once classes really do start. But for now, I'll see you soon, and that's a fact. I love y'all! xoxo



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