ON KIERSTEN: top- Brandy Melville // necklace, shoes + pants- Forever 21 // belt- Princess Polly
ON MADISON: necklace- Soho // shoes- Steve Madden // dress- Princess Polly
ON ME: jumpsuit- Forever 21 // belt- thrifted // necklace- Free People

Good morning everyone! The weekend is almost upon us, for me, only a FEW MORE HOURS! And let me tell you, I NEED this weekend. I am so constantly exhausted and so busy with class work and time spent doing projects, running around and getting everything organized for school... I plan to get all my weekend work done today, just so I can totally relax Friday through Sunday.

In other news, MEET MADISON AND KIERSTEN! I met these lovely ladies sometime during the first week of being here and we've all got along great since then! Madison is the one with the very blonde hair, and Kiersten has the very long hair, just so you can tell them apart, know who's who. We went out and took these photos earlier in the week and although it looks like we had a good old cute and fun time, but OH MY GOSH, THE BUGS WERE INSANITY. Behind the scenes of these shots I was CONSTANTLY scratching at my feet and arms and legs and whole entire body. The mosquitos down here are relentless!! Ugh! Why am I so SWEET?! Woe is me... Anyway, I did actually really enjoy going out with my new friendies, and am excited to continue to do so! Here's to more gooooooooooood times ladies! xo



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