Babes Only!

shirt- Forever 21 // shorts- St. John's Bay // shoes- Adidas //

Hello Lovelies! Week three is finally complete! After a long week of minimal sleep, many deadlines and plentyyyy of Annie's cheddar bunnies, I made it to the weekend! And even though this weekend is maybe even busier than my week was, I am glad I am able to slip in some quick outfit posts and maybe even a trip to the grocery store!!! Crazy!! I have a video that I filmed what feels like YEARS ago about my life in art school/college in general so far, which should be on YouTube soon (ps if you haven't already subscribed, you probably should...) where I talk about just how fast everything moves around here. There is so much going on at all times, nonstop activity and commotion, but always in the best way of course. It's exciting though, there's always something to do here, and always something to stress out about too... that part isn't as exciting... But basically, my life is constantly moving, and I'm really digging everything right now :)
THIS SHIRT! Okay so I'm sure you've all seen this style in a million and one places now, the ol' bandana and graphic teeeeee, but I am honestly in LOVE with this shirt. I seriously SO impulsively bought it online from Forever 21 and then went though all this trouble when I got a call from Los Angeles, and of course you always have to pick up a call from LA, duh, you never know... But then I was disappointed when the woman on the phone told me my address was INVALID! WOMAN WHAT. Come on SCAD, why you gotta be all complicated? Anyway, I had to change the address over the phone to my home address which then made my mom have to resend it to me here in savannah, thanks moms you're a lifesaver :)

Anyway, I like the retro vibe some of these photos have, lemme know what you think, comment down below!!!!


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