Friday, September 30, 2016
Babes Only!

Babes Only!

shirt- Forever 21 // shorts- St. John's Bay // shoes- Adidas //

Hello Lovelies! Week three is finally complete! After a long week of minimal sleep, many deadlines and plentyyyy of Annie's cheddar bunnies, I made it to the weekend! And even though this weekend is maybe even busier than my week was, I am glad I am able to slip in some quick outfit posts and maybe even a trip to the grocery store!!! Crazy!! I have a video that I filmed what feels like YEARS ago about my life in art school/college in general so far, which should be on YouTube soon (ps if you haven't already subscribed, you probably should...) where I talk about just how fast everything moves around here. There is so much going on at all times, nonstop activity and commotion, but always in the best way of course. It's exciting though, there's always something to do here, and always something to stress out about too... that part isn't as exciting... But basically, my life is constantly moving, and I'm really digging everything right now :)
THIS SHIRT! Okay so I'm sure you've all seen this style in a million and one places now, the ol' bandana and graphic teeeeee, but I am honestly in LOVE with this shirt. I seriously SO impulsively bought it online from Forever 21 and then went though all this trouble when I got a call from Los Angeles, and of course you always have to pick up a call from LA, duh, you never know... But then I was disappointed when the woman on the phone told me my address was INVALID! WOMAN WHAT. Come on SCAD, why you gotta be all complicated? Anyway, I had to change the address over the phone to my home address which then made my mom have to resend it to me here in savannah, thanks moms you're a lifesaver :)

Anyway, I like the retro vibe some of these photos have, lemme know what you think, comment down below!!!!
Thursday, September 22, 2016


ON KIERSTEN: top- Brandy Melville // necklace, shoes + pants- Forever 21 // belt- Princess Polly
ON MADISON: necklace- Soho // shoes- Steve Madden // dress- Princess Polly
ON ME: jumpsuit- Forever 21 // belt- thrifted // necklace- Free People

Good morning everyone! The weekend is almost upon us, for me, only a FEW MORE HOURS! And let me tell you, I NEED this weekend. I am so constantly exhausted and so busy with class work and time spent doing projects, running around and getting everything organized for school... I plan to get all my weekend work done today, just so I can totally relax Friday through Sunday.

In other news, MEET MADISON AND KIERSTEN! I met these lovely ladies sometime during the first week of being here and we've all got along great since then! Madison is the one with the very blonde hair, and Kiersten has the very long hair, just so you can tell them apart, know who's who. We went out and took these photos earlier in the week and although it looks like we had a good old cute and fun time, but OH MY GOSH, THE BUGS WERE INSANITY. Behind the scenes of these shots I was CONSTANTLY scratching at my feet and arms and legs and whole entire body. The mosquitos down here are relentless!! Ugh! Why am I so SWEET?! Woe is me... Anyway, I did actually really enjoy going out with my new friendies, and am excited to continue to do so! Here's to more gooooooooooood times ladies! xo


Sunday, September 18, 2016


Hello Hello! Even though I said I would be posting more, here we are, over a week later only now to bring you the next post. But I'm HERE! And of course, trying to find a willing human being to take outfit photos, and just trying to find the TIME to do so, is nearly impossible. But since that's the case, here are the highlights of my weekend :) I scanned some polaroids so they're sized differently, but I think they're all pretty dang cute :) Enjoy!
Going out with Kiersten and Madison! And some clowns who kept trying to take this photo to hang on their fridge and buy my polaroid off of me...
Walking down River St even though it was a trillion degrees and the candy shops made everything smell sickly-sweet.
photo by nate :)
From left to right: ME! Ava, Kiersten, Sammi and Madison! Ava and Sammi are my roomies, and the best ones ever might I add! I love all the people I've met here so far! Go friends! Go bees!
AND LOOK WHO CAME TO VISIT ME!!! NATE! I absolutely LOVED having him here in the city, saying goodbye was horrible, but showing him around, going out, eating good food, meeting good people, and just being together was so incredibly amazing. I love this boy to death. I don't mean to get all gushy and mushy, but honestly, I don't know of anyone that makes me happier than he does. It's crazy to think I know, but right there in that moment, when I took the photo above there was so much flipping love exuding out between the both of us, I'm sure the tourists could feel it in the air. It's THICKER than the humidity! How about THAT! Okay enough personal stuff......
Okay but the real question is... HAVE YOU EVER TRIED ROLLED ICE CREAM?! Holy crap it's amazing. Madison, Kiersten and I got some on Thursday night when we went out to dinner and holy moly it is SOOOOOOY good! Super rich and creamy and decadent and just all around fun, like rolled ice cream? ROLLED? What the heck?! Watch this video immediately if you care to be enlightened about the true wonders of rolled ice cream.
Not only do we have turtles in the canal next to my dorm, but there is also an ALLIGATOR! Yeah that's right, a real life super spooky alligator! He's little tho so like, it's cool.
My favorite restaurant, Collins Quarter with Nate :)
dress and glasses- Forever 21
Some late night potatoes with my man and main lovely ladies :)
And that pretty much sums it all up! I did do some more stuff here and there, but it sure was busy busy busy!! Gosh, I can't even explain to you guys how happy I am here, everyone is so beautiful and nice, the weather is great, HOT, but great, my professors are all super cool, the work load is RIDICULOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS AND MATERIALS FOR PROJECTS ARE SO EXPENSIVE AND I'S SO BROKE but besides that, everything is A-OKAY, I'm livin' ya kno? More to come sooooon(ish) xoxoxo <3 
Saturday, September 10, 2016


I'M HERE I MADE IT! I am FINALLY in Savannah and doing outfit posts again (hopefully) but so far SO great! Guys, I've been here five days and everything is already so amazing, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! We start classes on Monday, and of course everyone has been partying dusk till dawn and just having a grand ol time daily, we'll see if and how that changes once classes start though... Everyone here is so nice and cute and UGH I LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE! It is so fabulous. Tonight all my roomies and I went out to dinner with Ava's dad and stepmom to celebrate her birthday. It was great! The food here is great, OMG I can't even begin to tell you how just GREAT everything is here! I love this place so freaking much.
And here are my roomies! From left to right is Alli, Sammi, Ava and yours truly! I really do love my roommates. We live in a suite and it's ultra nice. I will do a dorm tour video v soon, once everything is really really set up. So get excited!
And that pretty much wraps that up! I will post as much as I can while I'm here. There are endless opportunities for taking photos and doing photoshoots which is soy fun! But we will see how busy I am once classes really do start. But for now, I'll see you soon, and that's a fact. I love y'all! xoxo